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VP 187 Six Indian Maidens Pattern

VP 187 Six Indian Maidens Pattern


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PHOTOCOPY of a Vintage Pattern to make these Six Indian Maidens as shown. The costumes, jewelry and hair arrangements are authentic reproductions of each tribeís manner of dress. Included is a pattern to make the slumbering baby as well and youíll learn a few facts about each of these maidens while youíre making them. The six dolls include a Cherokee Doll in her costume from the 1880ís, a Pueblo Doll; her squash blossom hairdo indicates she is unmarried, a Seminole Doll wearing her colorful patchwork skirt, Iroquois Doll in her lovely beaded dress, a Navajo doll wearing her outfit with wrap around broomstick skirt, a Western Sioux Doll wearing her heavily beaded and fringed dress and moccasins. And then there is the Navajo Baby all snug in his cradleboard. Each of these dolls is authentic in every detail and so much fun to make! When completed they are about 16 inches tall.

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