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AB 113 Maltilda Whipple & Crow

AB 113 Maltilda Whipple & Crow

Sewing Pattern

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Matilda Whipple is a 15 inch cabinet size folk doll made of sturdy kona cotton, with embroidered features and a 9 inch painted crow. Matilda is very simple in construction, but her clothing is designed with lots of endearing old fashioned sewing techniques that add to her charm. She comes in non removable dress and matching bonnet and wears pantaloons with tucks and lace and a lovely full petticoat. Her dress is embellished with simple feather stitching and buttons and her sweet face is encircled in lace and her bonnet tied with a tiny silk ribbon. Matilda's crow is 9 inches long and made of muslin which is painted, sanded and stained to look old. He fits wonderfully in Matilda's arms and adds a touch of primitive appeal!

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