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BH-HCS 2 Will You Be My Sweetheart

BH-HCS 2 Will You Be My Sweetheart

Sewing Pattern

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Isn't Jerry sweet offering Jenny a bouquet of 3 mice tied together with ribbon? They are so cute sitting on a shelf, in a basket, or tucked in a wreath on a door. The clothing is removable so you can make different outfits for different times of the year. To make the 9" cats use fuzzy Kunin felt for the bodies. You can use plain felt but the fuzzy ones look nicer. Kunin also makes a loopy felt that looks great. This pattern was designed for felt not cotton fabric or fake fur. To use something besides the felt will cause the shape to be different than the picture shows. Their arms and legs are sewn to the body with buttons for the joints so they are moveable. The buttons I used are covered with the same fabric used to make their clothing. Small black buttons are used for the eyes and the noses and mouths are embroidered. The head is sewn to the body and is not moveable but you can sew it so they are looking slightly to the side. Jerry is dressed in a vest and bow tie. He carries 3 felt mice for his sweetheart, Jenny. She is wearing a sleeveless dress that snaps at the front with a bow in front of one ear. She'd look just as cute with a bow at the front of the other ear. You can tea stain the clothing for a more primitive look.

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