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CL 20 Memory Angel Pattern

CL 20 Memory Angel Pattern


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20 inch “Memory Angel” is a beautiful wall-hanging that can be made to hold “special memories”. Make a family heirloom and have your “Memory Angel” hold items that are special to you, or give her as a gift and let the recipient fill her hands with their own special “memories”. "Memory Angel" has wired hands that will make it easy for her to hold any lightweight item that you choose. Perhaps one single silk rose as we have pictured her or maybe a small heart or star pillow with embroidery. Place a small teddy bear in her arms and hang her in the baby’s room. However you choose to display her, she will be a wonderful home accent. The possibilities are endless! ( The angel pictured is in memory of my “Angel”, my daughter Karen Jane, and is wearing the crocheted necklace (pattern not included) that I made for her first prom. I also placed one of her favorite necklaces in the angel’s hands.)

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