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CL 22 Winter Window Welcomer Pattern

CL 22 Winter Window Welcomer Pattern


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He will greet guests and passersby with a cheery smile and a hand wave. This pattern is super easy to make and the best part is that he will easily sit on any windowsill. Included is full-size patterns and instructions to make the snowman, his hat and scarf. You can even make his face on both sides so that you not only have him greeting your guests at the door, but peeking out through the curtains on the inside as well. We have him pictured in a child’s size 7 shirt which you can either buy, or if you have a child that size, wouldn’t they just love to see the snowman wearing their clothes! The only requirement for our snowman is a double-hung window that opens. The snowman is pictured in the lower half of a double hung window -- the lower half of the window pictured above measures 32" wide x 25" high. You may have to adjust the pattern to fit your particular needs depending on the size of your window. This can be done by reducing or enlarging on a copier.

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