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Cloth Dolls for Textile Artists Book

Cloth Dolls for Textile Artists Book


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Hardbound, 8½ x 10 7/8, 128 pages with 110 photographs - In this beautifully illustrated book, leading doll maker and textile artist/teacher Ray Slater reveals the secrets of the dollmaker’s art presenting the basic principles and techniques of doll making so readers can transfer their work into a three-dimensional format. The author provides full step-by-step instructions and patterns for three key doll styles – stump dolls, wire dolls, and stuffed cloth dolls. Artists can then really start to express themselves by using a range of textile techniques on the doll whether directly on to the body or on the clothes worn—from beading, hand and machine embroidering, plaiting, stamping, felting, appliqué and cutwork, plus the clever manipulation of bias-cut fabric to create amazing structured costumes. Learn how to paint and needle-sculpt lifelike faces to give your dolls character, plus how to add details such as realistic hands and wonderful hairstyles. This fascinating book contains everything you need to know to create these magical cloth dolls.

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