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Crystalline Snow Queen CD ROM

Crystalline Snow Queen CD ROM


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CD ROM By Kat Lees - This is the first in a series of FOUR SEASONS DOLLS. In 2003 this was a class and very popular. Very detailed instructions and 500 photos to help. Step by step face painting instructions. LESSON ONE: You will be creating a STUMP DOLL body. Creating a wire armature and hands. LESSON TWO: In this lesson you will make articulated fingers. LESSON THREE: Create the icy cold complexion our majesty has. This same technique is used on the body as well. LESSON FOUR: You will be painting Crystalline's face. Techniques for proper feature placement - The use of a template and transfer paper. LESSON FIVE: Creating a beautiful Ball gown & cape. Learn to bead, embroider and crazy quilting. LESSON SIX: You will be creating CRYSTALLINES up to the minute Hairstyle. Notice the spiky icy look of her hair.

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