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EP TT 11 Kween Bea and Buzzy

EP TT 11 Kween Bea and Buzzy


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Kween Bea measures in at a nice size of 23 inches tall from her Glass glittered crown, down to her little Bea feet. She has a wing span of 14 inches. Little Buzzy is 10 inches tall and his wing span is 6.5 inches wide... Mama and Baby are both made of painted muslin and given my technique, for an aged look of yester-year. The wings are made of rusted wire and cheese cloth, they are then finished with glitter glass. Buzzy is finished in the same fashion as Bea. He is 10 inches tall. His wings are made the same as Mom's. He has painted eyes and the little eyelashes as well. His nose is a little piece of felt, stitched in place. This E-pattern comes to you in a PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat to view/print.

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