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EP TT 8 Butterfly Kisses

EP TT 8 Butterfly Kisses


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Primitive Beatrice Rabbit and with her Butterfly Beatrice Rabbit is 34 inches tall. She is so Adorable with her Heart-felt eyes and stitched on lower eyelashes. She needed these for those "Butterfly Kisses". She has needle-sculpted paws and feet and some buttermilk highlights here and there. She has a needle-felted nose area...that adds to her characteristics.The Butterfly wings are 6 inches across. You could make these all by themselves, as ornies and put them in a wood bowl or wire them some where else. Basic sewing skills is all that is needed to complete this pattern. This Pattern includes 2 photos, one you will receive on the Cover Page....a full picture and a closer up of, Beatrice and her Butterfly. You will also receive a supplies list and very detailed instructions, along with the eye and eyelid templates.

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