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GW 104 Jazz on CD ROM

GW 104 Jazz on CD ROM


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Jazz, By Gloria J. "Mimi" Winer, is an easy-to-make, armatured, 16-inch, free-standing cloth doll. This pattern can be used for any young, full figured, anatomically proportioned, female character doll. You have a choice of three faces: 1) a very easy traced face, embroidered or colored with pencils and/or crayons. 2) a trapunto (quilted) face. 3) a sophisticated needle-modeled face. This pattern teaches you how to make a new modular armature. With the modular armature, and paperclay-covered shoes, Jazz can stand alone. Jazz wears fishnet tights, a leotard, a tail coat and a top hat. You can make her more daring by using only the tails of the coat and a special set of sleeves. Instructions are included for a gorgeous, regal cape and hat. You can make her even more exotic with a feathered, fantasy costume so she can dance "The Firebird." Jazz is blessed with a wonderful body that you won't want to cover up with a lot of clothes. Her hair can be made from either wefted mohair or from textured yarn. Instructions for cleaning and wefting mohair are included.

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