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GW 105 Earth Angels on CD ROM

GW 105 Earth Angels on CD ROM

Mimi's Earth Angels Is Back - on CD ROM !

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  • Mimi's Earth Angels is the double-knit fashion doll statement for all cloth dollmakers.
  • 5 Stars for beginners — Over 1000 step-by-step photos in a storyboard format. Each picture is side-by-side with the instructions for the step. Not only how to do it, but what can go wrong. (Mimi has already made all the mistakes, so she knows.)
  • 5 Stars for intermediates — You are learning techniques, that apply to all your dollmaking.
  • 5 Stars for advanced cloth dollmakers — Explanation of how to change different features when you design your own variations or your own dolls. A wonderful doll to design and sew clothes for. Includes a section on how to design
  • Includes patterns for both 24-inch and 17-inch fashion dolls and basic contemporary clothing. Also, instructions for fitting clothes to your particular doll (which may be a much different size than my doll).
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Over 1000 step-by-step pictures guide you through every facet of making Mimi’s Earth Angels. Beautiful, full-figured 17” and 24” fashion dolls with basic contemporary clothing including: underwear, swimwear, sarong, tank top, designer jeans, slacks, shorts, man-tailored shirt with variations, sandals, boots, crocheted jacket and vest. CD ROM also includes 168-pages of instructions, certificate of authenticity and hang tag to print out, easy new head and foot patterns, and 17” and 24” full sized patterns to print out. Mimi includes many hints for dollmakers as well as tips and techniques such as preserving your patterns, finding the right side of double knit stretch fabric, choosing & using electric glue guns and even how to make and use Mimi’s stuffing tool and so much more!

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