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GW 106 Queens Jester Pattern

GW 106 Queens Jester Pattern


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The Queen's Jester is a 16-inch tall button jointed doll with a young, masculine, anatomically proportioned body. You get Full-sized, cut-out patterns and 44-page instruction book filled with pictures, drawings, and hints for dollmakers. This pattern teaches Mimi’s updated version of the classic “sling” button joint at the knee. The Queen's Jester is jointed at the shoulders, hips, elbows and knees. The pattern also includes complete instructions for needle-modeling a handsome face and buff body. You have a choice of a traced face, embroidered or colored with pencils or crayons, a trapunto (quilted) face, or a completely needle-modeled face made from either muslin or cotton knit fabric. The Queen's Jester has painted shoes and stockings or you may choose to make his legs from a print or striped fabric. While the Jester doesn't need hair (because of his cap), you can use his body for any young male doll and his hair can be made from either wefted mohair or from textured yarn. Instructions for cleaning and wefting mohair are included. Instructions are included for needle-modeling the torso for more realistic chest and spine. This pattern can be used for any young, anatomically proportioned, male character doll.

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