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GW 108 Victoria Rose on CD ROM

GW 108 Victoria Rose on CD ROM


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Victoria Rose, By Gloria J. "Mimi" Winer (pictured in the far left corner) is an easy-to-make, armatured, 16-inch, free-standing cloth doll. She has a young, full-figured, anatomically-proportioned body with a late 19th Century silhouette. You have a choice of three faces: 1)A very easy traced face, embroidered or colored with pencils and/or crayons 2)A trapunto (quilted) face. 3)A sophisticated needle-modeled face. Victoria Rose's clothing was meticulously researched. Her undergarments consist of a set of combinations (these replaced the chemise and drawers, and had no crotch), a corset, a petticoat, and a bustle pad. (The bustle returned as a pad in the late 1880's.) Her outer garments are a lined walking skirt, a dickey, (rather than a complete blouse to diminish bulk), a lined jacket, and a beautiful hat. Her Victorian boots are paperclay covered with glove leather. Her hair can be made from either wefted mohair or from textured yarn. Instructions for cleaning and wefting mohair are included.

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