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GW 109 Happy Birthday Honey Pattern

GW 109 Happy Birthday Honey Pattern


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This is the pattern for the award winning doll that’s fun for your own secret fantasy, and also just the thing to get “him” interested in dolls. Full-sized, cut-out patterns AND 44-page instruction book filled with pictures, drawings, and hints for dollmakers. Mimi's Happy Birthday Honey is a 16-inch cloth doll with easy instructions for beginners. The pattern also includes more advanced techniques for experienced dollmakers. The mature female body can be made into your own characters. The versatile, anatomically proportioned, quarter-scale body will also accept hard media head, hands, and feet. You have a choice of faces, One face has a trapunto nose, a quilting technique consisting of stitching the features to a lining and stuffing with small bits of fiberfill to define the facial contours. The alternate face has traced features that can be colored with colored pencils, painted, or embroidered. It is then defined with very little needle modeling. You have a choice of hands, Open finger hand with wired fingers. Open finger hand with stuffed fingers. Open finger hand with separate thumb. The optional, full-body armature makes the doll free standing and allows her to hold the cake and grip the champagne bottle. This pattern can be used for ANY mature, anatomically proportioned, female character doll.

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