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HG 48 Harvest Crow & Pumpkin

HG 48 Harvest Crow & Pumpkin


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There is TONS of detail in this piece! The pattern consists of six 11 x 17 pieces of paper and four 8 1/2 by 11. You will also get 2 pictures. Instructions for all pieces even the pumpkin clay bucket. sewing and making of primitive doll experience is helpful! His lips and eyes are hand drawn, nose sculpted. A lot of detail in this piece! Let's start with the measurements. From stitched on hat to bottom of pumpkin, the measurement will approximately 29 inches. This dapper primitive pumpkin man is flying over the pumpkin patch Wishing everyone harvest Blessings. The pumpkin base on the bottom looks great with its sectioned sides. With in the pumpkin is the antique/vintage beehive bobbin. At the base of the pumpkin and bobbin I have added 3 pumpkin Leaves" each leaf has been wired and painted.

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