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HG 55 Primitive Black Folkart Angel

HG 55 Primitive Black Folkart Angel


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Pattern comes with complete pattern pieces for doll and punch needle. Knowledge of sewing gussets useful. - She measures about 30 inches from her head; made of muslin, to her wee needle sculpted petite feet…love the little toes. Her head is 3 panels; front, back and a center strip, then her head is sewn to her body which is ticking. The body itself is made from 4 panel to give it a more rounded effect. Her wing span is about 18 inches, they are made from stained and painted osnaburg. Her facial features are stitched nose and brows, nose stitched into place, eyes are stitched into place with shoe button pupils. Includes a punch needle pattern for making the heart that she holds. You don’t do needle punch?...No problem simply keep the heart plain. This pattern is recommended for the seasoned doll maker.

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