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JB 109 Tattered Hearts

JB 109 Tattered Hearts


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"Of tattered hearts and Love Forlorn, How frayed the edge and fabric worn . . . If needle and thread could mend them new, I would stitch them back together for you." So goes the lament of Tattered Hearts, a 30" doll meant to comfort the broken heart. She can be made easily from muslin, with penned eyes and wool for hair. Her bodice is painted, her skirt made simply from your choice of fabric. She makes up quickly, and I think she would be great in a lot of of different fabrics. I originally made her for Valentine's day, but some folks have asked me to make her for a friend or loved one who needs the kind thought to encourage them. She is holding the broken halves of a heart, and comes with a copy of her lament already printed on fabric for you to pin on.

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