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Mica Flakes project bag

Mica Flakes project bag


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  • 3 x 4 Inch Bag
  • Enough For Most Single Projects
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Mica is a mineral that comes in a variety of colors and can be easily separated into thin transparent sheets. Processed into high quality white mica into small flakes much like the "Vintage Mica Snow" of the early 1900's. In addition to being beautiful, it's non-toxic, tough, chemically inert, transparent and waterproof. It can also withstand temperatures of over 1100 degrees! For a SOLID look: Use a mixture of clear white glue and water (enough to make the glue easy to paint with). Taking an old paint brush paint the area you wish to cover and then roll the item in the mica. Use your fingers to push the mica firmly into the glue. As it dries continue to smooth the flakes flat. For a FINE MICA FLAKE or POWDER: Use a blender or food processor and make it just the size you want. For a BRIGHT SNOW effect: Use white paint as the glue. Then roll the object in the mica flakes or sprinkle the mica onto the object. Great for pinecones. For a MICA SHIMMER: Use a strainer to shake only the tiny flakes and powder onto your wet (glued, sprayed or painted) item.

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