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MM 100 Kitchen Help Pattern

MM 100 Kitchen Help Pattern


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100th design by Maureen Mills! It is called, "Kitchen Help" and it includes directions to make the dolls in raggedy style of black doll style. You can make a toaster cover, or a bag holder, or just a regular sitting doll with legs. Here's the kicker, the dolls are really versatile. For instance, the bag holder doll will have legs up in the bag and you can easily convert her skirt to make her just a regular sitting doll. Toaster cover dolls already have the legs so they can be used either way. All dolls have bloomers too! Pattern also includes instruction for the ginger cookies, the clothesline of laundry items, the cinnamon bun and also instruction for making the broom. AND, there are two different options for hands/arms. These dolls have full size bodies so they look fine either sitting or "doing their jobs"!

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