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MM 180 Biggest Little Pattern

MM 180 Biggest Little Pattern


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PATTERN is HUGE! Pattern includes 2 sizes of dollies with the separate attached head and you can make them in Annie, Andy, Black raggedies, or a really cute style with a tiny needle sculpted nose. It also includes 2 sizes of dollies that are easier for beginners with the head already a part of the body. The dolls are 13" and 10" long when made up. Also included is instructions to make the little quilt heart that is blanket stitched on each dolly's dress. There are several hairstyles and some closeup pics and a tutorial to help you make those ever so CUTE colored eyes. You will be surprised just how easy those eyes can be when you have the right tools! Oh yes, clothing instructions for both Annie and Andy styles are included in both sizes. There are so many possibilities with this pattern, you'll want to make up a whole bunch of them!

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