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MM 215 Early Prairie Sisters Pattern

MM 215 Early Prairie Sisters Pattern


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Early Prairie Sisters This pattern was created to make a prairie doll that looked like it was well worn and well loved. Not well worn and SKEERY. LOL! These dolls are worn and soft. The sitting doll has been partially stuffed with rags for a nice weight and feel. They are stained of course but not over done. You can make a standing 16" doll or a sitting 15" doll. Dolls have a full round head. They have tiny fingers but don't be scared! They’re not stuffed perfectly to give them a used look. The sitting doll has the cutest pinafore, a lightly penciled face and needle felted hair; the standing sister no face and no hair. You could paint little boots on the feet or choose not to. These dolls could be made for a child’s room. The dress could be made to hang on a prim hanger, how cute would that be? The little bonnets are cute hanging up too!

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