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MM 217 Henpecked Ladies Pattern

MM 217 Henpecked Ladies Pattern


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Henpecked Ladies There are several options in this pattern. There's those simply legs, or the leg with the feet with the funny toes, or the leg with the boots that the taller doll has. She's got an apron that has the bib front that ties at the neck and the waist in the back. She's 20" by the way, the other gals are 17". The crazy chickens are 7" long. You can make simple needle sculpted mouths or opt for the separate attached lips. The eyes are pretty basic too. Noses and brows are all needle sculpted, a rather simple design so don't be skeered! lol Doesn't this girl seem bewildered by all those chickens?!! Gotta love her feets tho........... AND, who wouldn't love a whole bunch of these running chickens to boot?

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