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MW 2 Muriel Mermaids Pattern

MW 2 Muriel Mermaids Pattern


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This dollie's name is taken directly from Irish Folk-lore...I am pleased to offer her in in pattern form! Muriel is made from hand-painted muslin. She is 17"+ from the top of her "cap" to the bottom of her tail. She is button-jointed with individually sewn and wired fingers. Muriel's soft russett hair is mohair~~she wears a necklace of novelty yarn "sea-weed. Muriel is holding a string of *treasures* she has found while exploring...Tiny green, gold, and silver, "no-hole" beads embellish Muriel's tail and noggin... You will receive a paper pattern, quality color photograph, and complete instructions to create *Muriel*

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