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MW 4 Christmas Folk Angel Pattern

MW 4 Christmas Folk Angel Pattern


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A dollie! And a Christmas Angel at that.... *Christmas Folk Angel* is 18" high and her wings span 16"...she is sewn from osnaburg, her body stuffed with rags (arms and legs are poly stuffed). She is painted, penciled, and faded as time might have done...she looks and feels so old! Her folky silhouette is an idea I've been playing with...I like to think she's taking a walk. Her hair is just a bit of sheep's wool sewn on, and her wings are sewn from a Vintage quilt top. I like to imagine she began only with her wings, and gathered her dress and trims along the way...a vintage button and antique tatted lace, pinned on...bits of tinsel and sparklie "berries" one Christmas...some baby's breath and sweet annie tucked into her treat cone from the garden. And somewhere, along the way, little bells were sewn to her toes...they have rusted with the years. And a sweet mouth stitched on when her painted lips faded in the sun...she is a tattered bit of sweetness and whimsey~~

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