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Penny Cloth Doll Class CD ROM

Penny Cloth Doll Class CD ROM


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This Class on CD ROM Includes: 9 pages of printable pattern templates for both the 21" & 33" versions of the doll. 100+ pages of detailed step-by-step photo instructions in PDF format . Full Q & A email support. - Recommended for Beginners (with some previous sewing experience) thru Advanced. This class is for the construction of the doll body alone & is presented in 7 parts which include: 1) 10 pc Torso (w/ side gussets) 2) 7 pc Head/Bodice & attaching to Torso 3) Upper Arms & Upper Legs (w/ joint tabs & hip gussets) 4) Lower Arms & Lower Legs (w/ a unique opposable thumb technique) 5) Jointing the Limbs to the Torso 6) Optional face sculpting & feature placements 7) Optional embroidered & penciled face instructions 8) Basic supply list. - Some additional pattern features include: Detailed face sculpting & feature placements. Step-by-step instructions for creating a lovely opt. face combining pencils & fine hand embroidery. A unique method for creating opposable thumbs a unique built-in opposable thumb & boxed shoe shaping. Full Q & A email support & please don't hesitate! - While this design is very unique, I think you will find that the body style is universal & inspirational enough to lead you in many different creative directions with the doll. Have fun! Please note: This is a copyrighted design, which means that while you are free to make & sell the finished doll on an individual basis, proper design credit must be given for any elements of the pattern that are used. Absolutely no part of the pattern, design or class cd may be copied, tweaked, resold, shared or taught elsewhere without my written permission. Also, no refunds will be given once the cd has been purchased & received by the student. For questions or comments, I can be reached at: eclecticegg@earthlink.net Happy doll making! Claire Pruitt - Copyright 2006-2007

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