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Slinky Collector's Edition

Slinky Collector's Edition

G-32028 Slinky

Our Price: $15.90
  • Original metal version, popular since 1943
  • Packaged in 1945 replica cardboard box
  • Slinks in your hand, off furniture, and down stairs with practice
  • Ages 6 and up
  • Made in USA
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Slinky® is an exemplary childhood toy and an icon of classic fun since 1943. Invented by naval mechanic Richard James when he knocked springs he’d been developing for rough seas of a shelf. James watched as a spring arched and stepped to a stack of books, a desk and then the floor. James went on to perfect the toy which became a world wide sensation. This original metal version comes packaged in its 1945 replica cardboard box and is made in the USA. For generations the Slinky® toy has fascinated children with its Slinkity sound and its ability to walk down stairs.

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