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VP EFA11 Paper Dolls How To Make Them

VP EFA11 Paper Dolls How To Make Them


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  • Learn different methods on how to make paper dolls stand.
  • How to make paper dolls with movable arms and legs.
  • How to make paper dolls into marionettes with suggestions on how to make a stage.
  • Paper Dolls include; Lady with head choices, Man, Baby, Little Girl and Boy, Young Girl.
  • Includes a letter from Mrs. Ackley herself.
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PHOTOCOPY of a Vintage 1939 Edith Flack Ackley Pattern – Do you remember the fun you used to have with paper dolls? This 68 page pattern booklet brings alive again the lovely old art of paper doll making. There are easy, practical directions for making many dolls, with full-size patterns. Watch your child’s delight in a hand made paper doll family, complete with fascinating wardrobe which includes; very easy to make 17th century costume, costume and bonnets for 1839 lady, Spanish costume, fairytale princess dress, costumes for dancers including pageboy dancer and so much more. The costumes are so beautiful with ruffles, lace and designs that have been sewed or glued onto the foundation. Fine wool can be glued onto doll's head for hair. Easy enough for children to make however adults will enjoy making these dolls for their own children or for profitable sale.

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