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VP EFA8 Marionettes Pattern

VP EFA8 Marionettes Pattern


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PHOTOCOPY of a Vintage 1929 Edith Flack Ackley Pattern This 35 page pattern booklet will bring marionette making within the range of everyone, young and old. Have you ever been enchanted by a marionette show, and resolved to make and learn to manipulate puppets yourself only to find that puppets with modeled or carved wooden heads are discouragingly difficult to make and handle? Mrs. Ackley shows just how to make the type of marionettes she has developed so successfully. These exceedingly attractive puppets are made of cloth and stuffed with cotton. The expressive faces are easily made with very simple stitches. The greatest range of characters from small fairies to a large giant is possible including animals, using the series of full-size pattern sheets for making bodies, faces and costumes. Detailed directions for making and costuming the marionettes and manipulating them are given.

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