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VR 050 The Fantasy Four

VR 050 The Fantasy Four


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This pattern is so wonderful; you can make four 10 inch dolls or just one doll with four costumes. This pattern contains different eye styles and some unique hair styles. All the doll bodies are made from the same pattern and have string jointed arms made with fancy buttons. The different eye styles give you variety so that you can make each doll different. Use one of the four hair styles provided and you will have four different dolls. Mix and match for some great combinations. You will love the variety this pattern offers. I wanted this pattern to be versatile and a size that little girls will love. This pattern contains a costume for a mermaid with a removable tail. The ballerina costume has little panties and ballerina slippers that tie with ribbons. The princess has a beautiful gown with a sash that looks like a train. The fairy sprite has wings that are removable for added versatility. Put the wings from the fairy on any of the dolls and make a brand new fantasy creation. The princess can even be made into a bride I hope that you truly enjoy this pattern and all your dreams come true. Make just one doll with four different outfits or make all four and create your own fantasy. Detailed step- by-step Instructions on CD ROM

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