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VR 120 Five Little Monkeys

VR 120 Five Little Monkeys


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Five little monkeys jumping on a bed, one fell off and bumped his head! This is a fun little project that will delight all the little ones in your life. ” Five Little Monkeys” are a great teaching tool when you combine them with the fun lyrics of the song found at the end of these instructions. So many ideas for these little 4 inch tall monkeys make them as party favors or make a barrel full. These monkeys are sewn on the machine and lightly stuffed. The little faces are finished by hand. Three different costumes are provided so that you can make boy and girl monkeys. Their lightly stuffed bed for jumping is also a fun way to store them for later play with it’s ribbon drawstring, So here they are, simple to make, a doll that is almost flat, no sculpting, can be made by hand or machine.

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