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VR 14CL - My Kid 24in CLASS

VR 14CL - My Kid 24in CLASS


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My Kid Class on CD in pdf format. From noses to toes! Over 270 detailed pictures and 122 pages of instructions. We start at the beginning and learn how to make the doll, proper stuffing and putting it all together. Step by step instructions for making the detailed eyes. How to sculpt the face and restuff it. Attaching the head to the body and sculpting it to perfection. Three different hair styles from yarn to fur. How to apply freckles and so much more all in one CD. You will be shown how to lay out the fabric and proper stuffing. How to draw on the face, and embroider the eyes. Different hair applications. Each step has full color pictures that detail it all. Learn how to sculpt the nose to perfection. How to put together the foot properly. It is all here with loads of pictures and details that a pattern just cannot show. This is truly a wonderful tool. You can print this out and have it handy to refer to step by step.

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