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VR 26 Squirt

VR 26 Squirt


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Presented on a CD in a pdf format, the instructions are easy to follow with over 40 full color pictures to help you step by step. Just about 3 inches tall and full of fun. The actual pattern is on paper with helpful diagrams. If you love little Speck and Sparkle, Squirt is your guy. He thinks he is a big boy because he doesn't wear diapers. He is always on the go. Squirt is Specks friend. He is completely hand made from head to toe. Squirt is an easy pattern that you will want to make again and again. This little doll is a perfect companion to Speck. His body is a little different then my other miniís, his arms and legs are movable and can be repositioned at any time. This pattern is complete with underwear, beanie, shirt, shorts and duffle bag instructions.

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