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VR 27 Sassy

VR 27 Sassy


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Presented on a CD in a pdf format, the instructions are easy to follow with loads of full color pictures to help you step by step. The actual pattern is on paper with helpful diagrams. Sassy under 5 inches tall and all of it adorable. Sassy is Squirts big sister. Sassy loves to read and is always smiling. She is dressed in a cute little simple to make dress with panties. Her socks are hand made from a baby sock and oh so simple. Little black Mary Jane shoes make her outfit complete. Easy to follow instructions to add on this quick and simple so real looking hair made of braided roving. This is a doll that you will not be able to resist. Her arms and legs are jointing in such a way even the beginner can do it. Detailed eyes make her so grown up looking. She is completely hand made from head to toe. Sassy is an easy pattern that you will want to make again and again. This little doll is a perfect companion to the group as in the picture. Create your own little gang of kids. If you love little Speck, Sparkle and Squirt you just have to have Sassy.

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