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VR 28 Cowboy Coyt

VR 28 Cowboy Coyt


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Cowboy Coyt is a long lanky little cowboy and is almost 6 inches tall. He is a shy little fellow and his manners are impeccable. He says please and thank you mamm. A tuft of red hair and a sprinkling of freckles add to his character. This little guy is string jointed and is a great addition to any collection. Pattern includes doll, the clothes all but his hat. Easy to make cowboy boots can be custom decorated by you. Add this little cowboy to your collection. Buy him a pony and watch the fun begin. Presented on a CD in a PDF format, the instructions are easy to follow with over 40 full color pictures to help you step by step. The actual pattern is on paper with helpful diagrams. If you have enjoyed the others in this series you will love this shy little cowboy.

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