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VR 38KIT Shabby Bunny Babies KIT

VR 38KIT Shabby Bunny Babies KIT


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Theses little bunnies are quick and easy to make. Very little sculpting. Because these bunnies are string jointed they can sit or stand. Each bunny stands about 4 inches tall. Two different ear styles give you lots of variation. Loads of ideas for decorating your bunnies are included in this one pattern. Pattern is on paper and the instructions are on a CD containing lots of colorful pictures to help make your bunnies. This KIT comes with the paper pattern, CD instructions in a PDF format, fleece in three colors for bodies, the face fabric, 3 sizes of needles, ribbons, floss and three bunny tails. Make these for Easter gift giving. Approx. 4 inches tall

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