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VR 44 Lil Anthony

VR 44 Lil Anthony


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This is Lil Anthony. He stands just 15 inches tall and is the companion to my Addison the All American Girl doll. I have designed him to have the same dimensions as the popular 18 inch American Girlę doll, except he is only 15 inches tall. He can wear shoes that fit the American Girlę. Lil Anthony has a head full of fur hair, you can style it as you like. He has cute little detailed eyes and a fully detailed body. Instructions and pattern for a pair of boxer shorts, t-shirt and jean shorts are included. I have included how you can use a pair of real blue jeans to make him a pair of jeans quickly and easily. The t-shirt can also be made from a recycled knit shirt; this makes life so much easier. I know you will love this one, he is a real little dude.Detailed step- by-step Instructions on CD ROM

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