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YY 208 YoYo Garden Pattern

YY 208 YoYo Garden Pattern


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Yo yo quilts were very popular in the 1930's and 1940's and we see lots of lovely examples sewn with fabrics from those eras. These Yo-Yo Garden quilts are very quick and very easy. The little prim quilt and the simple topiaries are embellished with old buttons while cute yo-yo blooms "spring" from pots on curly wire. "Nine Yo-Yo's" 10" x 10" (wall quilt) "Bloomin' Yo-Yo's" 8" tall (potted yo-yo's) "Simply Topiary" 9" tall (single) "Double Topiary" 9" tall (double) "Spring Yo-Yo's" 7" tall (3 pots) Pattern By Tea Thyme Quilts

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